San Mateo Document Shredding

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San Mateo Document Shredding

Document Destruction On-Site in San Mateo, CA

Our on-site document destruction service is the secure shredding of your confidential papers that is conveniently brought to your home or business. And is available as soon as tomorrow. Make an appointment for expedited service Monday to Friday.

The On-Site Document Shredding Process

Our uniformed technicians with photo ID will introduce themselves upon arrival at your San Mateo, CA home, or office. They will take all your private papers to the mobile unit in locked bins. Our team will then take the locked bins to our truck where the bins are lifted and your documents are emptied into our commercial shredder and immediately destroyed. Because we use the most advanced technology available today, our powerful shredding truck can process 6,000 pounds of paper per hour. This is done under your supervision. With a camera located on the side of the truck, you can witness your personal documents going through the cutting blades. We then take the shredded documents to be recycled so they can be processed and used to make other paper products.

Document Destruction for Businesses-One-time or Ongoing

Purge or One-Time Service – How often is up to you. For companies that have an occasional need to destroy business records, our One-time shredding service is a great option for you. This service gives you the option to purge files only when you need or want to.

Scheduled Shredding – For firms that need to shred documents on a regular basis, our ongoing service for the destruction of business records is for you. This service comes with locked repositories that remain in your office so anytime you are discarding papers you do so into one of these locked containers. On a recurring schedule of your choosing, our trained staff will remove and shred the papers from each container. The frequency of service can be daily to monthly depending on your needs and we can assist you in determining what your ideal schedule will be.

Hard Drive Shredding in San Mateo

Another popular service Shredlogix provides is destroying hard drives, backup tapes, and optical media onsite, at your location. Computer hard drives hold a ton of confidential information that can easily end up in the wrong hands. Avoid having this confidential and sensitive information ending up in an identity thief’s hands by scheduling a time for Shredlogix to come out to your location to destroy your hard drives and backup tapes.

Residential Shredding in San Mateo, California

Even when it is time to dispose of your private information at home, the security of your personal information is of the utmost importance. Thieves can easily go into your garbage or recycling bin and steal sensitive papers that can compromise your identity if personal documents are just thrown into trashcans. Before they are disposed of, residents of San Mateo, California can shred their documents by a professional and trusted document destruction service, Shredlogix. To prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive information, securely destroy your private records using our residential shredding service. Our residential shredding service is operational every day but Sunday.

In the Industry, Shredlogix Conforms to the Highest Standards

Shredlogix is a AAA Certified document shredding company, demonstrating

that they offer the securest shredding services available. Shredlogix is certified by The National Association of Information Destruction which is the governing body that sets the standards for the information destruction industry.

Just another reason you should give us a call today to schedule a shredding service suitable to your needs.