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We destroy your confidential documents at your San Jose California home or office Monday through Friday. To get a quote and appointment right away just give us a call.

Need Shredding? Get A Quote and Appointment

Give ShredLogix a call and you will be able to speak to one of our helpful staff. They will assist you with picking one of our services that is best for you. They will also be able to give you a quote that you will find very reasonable and set up your appointment. Just tell us what day you would like us to come to your San Jose CA location and shred. We try to accommodate all service date request.

We Shred at Your San Jose CA Location

Shredlogix has a fleet of paper destruction trucks that are equipped with the latest technology. Our high performance trucks come to your San Jose California premises and destroy all your documents there so you will have an opportunity to witness the entire process. With our onsite document destruction service you know your files are destroyed because the job is completed before we leave.

Document Destruction Services for Your San Jose CA Business

ONE-TIME or PURGE DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION – The need to destroy business records occasionally can be satisfied with our onetime service. This option lets you call Shredlogix only when you have documents to shred. Our onetime service can handle any size file purge small or large. We are ready to shred when you are.

SCHEDULED or ON-GOING DOCUMENT SHREDDING – When your company is discarding business records often you need a secure way to dispose of them. That’s where our ongoing service comes in. As part of this service we supply free lockable bins and containers designed to keep your confidential documents secure and inaccessible between services. Each visit to your office will then happen automatically. Our shred technicians are highly qualified and practice strict collection and shredding methods that maintain your confidentiality. We’ll service your ongoing document destruction needs on a predetermined schedule that can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. The schedule can be adjusted at any time if your needs change.

Residential Document Shredding

Don’t put your personal documents in the household trash it could lead to your identity being stolen. The biggest cause of identity theft from paper records occurs from documents found in the trash. This is easy to prevent with Shredlogix’s onsite residential shredding service. We come to your home with one of our high performance paper destruction trucks and destroy all your private papers steps away from your front door.

Hard Drive Destruction for all your Electronic Data

All those old computers you have sitting around collecting dust have a hard drive in them. That hard drive is still storing a lot of your private information. You may have deleted files or maybe used a program to wipe or reformat the disc but that does not remove all the information. The only way to do that is to physically destroy the hard drive. We have shredding trucks that are also equipped with separate hard drive shredders that will completely destroy your hard drives so the information can never be retrieved again. We will also provide you with a Certificate of Destruction that will list each shredded hard drive by serial number.

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