Hard-Drive Destruction

hd-shred-2Your hard-drives hold a lot of important information. Even those old, dusty drives you have almost forgotten about are filled with information that could seriously compromise your business, your clients, or your personal information. This is why Shredlogix physically destroys your old hard-drives to ensure that your business, clients, and person are protected.

Many people function under the false assumption that deleting data is all it takes to destroy it. Unfortunately this isn’t the case, as deleted data is simply flagged as being available to be over written with new information. This causes bits and pieces to still exist in your hard drive that can be recovered. Some dedication, time, and the proper software is all it takes for data recovery to take place, often resulting in the complete recovery of information you thought destroyed. Complete physical destruction of the device is required to ensure data is completely unrecoverable, and beyond the reach of those with malicious intent.

Secure And Complaint

Shredlogix works in compliance with the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) guidelines. Your hard-drives will be destroyed on-site by our Certified Information Security Professionals so you never have to worry about your confidential information ending up in the wrong hands. In order to maintain your peace of mind, and to ensure you can prove you have complied with your shred responsibilities, you will be presented with a certificate of destruction upon completion of the task for your records. By adhering to the highest levels of security and privacy we are committed to protecting our clients from the risks of information theft.

Our Process

With an eye towards maximizing security, while ensuring complete convenience, we’ve designed our process for the best of both worlds. After you’ve reached out to us with your needs, and we have worked with you to establish exactly what you need, we’ll jump into action with the following process:

  • Our mobile shredding truck comes to you
  • All hard-drives to be destroyed are collected and accounted for
  • Drives are physically destroyed by shredding, not just wiped or degaussed
  • We e-mail you a Manifest and Certification of Destruction as proof of service

Once the task has been completed we will take all the destroyed material and send it for proper recycling. This converts destroyed hard drives back into their base resources which are sent to be reused in new products. Our process is designed to support sustainability efforts and keep harmful materials from piling up in landfills, resulting in harmful chemicals from leaking into the air, soil, and water. Working with us is one way to directly work towards a Greener future, with absolutely no extra effort on your end!

Our Technology

We only use the latest in shredding technology, that’s why we use the Shred-Tech MDS Hard Drive Shredder. This state-of-the-art machine is specifically designed to shred standard 2.5” and 3.5” hard-drives and can shred up to 10 hard-drives in under a minute. Its 5” cutting chamber is outfitted with custom blades specifically designed to physically destroy hard-drives and the information on them.