Shredding Solutions for the Work-from-Home Workforce

Shredding Solutions for the Work-from-Home Workforce

In an evolving COVID-19 work environment, many businesses are modifying their internal policies to accommodate a workforce which is working from home. In this scenario documents are often generated and printed for various reasons. One area which is extremely important and is often overlooked is how this remote workforce is properly shredding any confidential material generated in the home office. At the present time the data is showing most remote employees do not have home shredders or a dedicated shred box. This leaves a huge potential for a security breech with confidential company information potentially getting into the wrong hands.

The methods to address this issue varies based on the sensitivity of the material. Shredlogix can provide solutions to properly shred and recycle the utmost sensitive company documents. At Shredlogix, we have been working hard to adapt our confidential shredding program to ensure our current client base can feel confident that the material generated in the home work environment is properly shredded and recycled per all the local, state, and federal regulations.

We feel so strongly about our strategies to help our current clients that we want to offer them to any business or corporation with the same need. There is a significant risk of leaving it up to the remote workforce to properly shred the confidential material generated. Let the experts at Shredlogix provide your solutions which can be tailored to the level of security you wish to have. Give us a call and we can get you set up.

Problems with In Home Shredders

What seems to be an obvious solution to address the confidential material generated by the remote workforce is riddled with problems. One of the major issues is the cost of these shredders. A quality home shredder will run approximately $300 to $500 dollars. One of these shredders in each employee’s home office will quickly add up. There are definitely less expensive models on the market, but the quality of these shredders comes into play. Another issue with these shredders revolves around the fact that in order for the material to be shredded, one must remove all staples, paper clips and binders from the material. This can be a very time-consuming process to remove this material. Any of these metal items caught in the shredder will cause a jam which overtime will permanently damage the shredder. Another unfavorable aspect to these shredders is one must hand-feed the material into the shredder which is another time consuming and laborious process. Especially if one has a large amount of material to shred, this can take hours or days to complete. Finally, these shredders by design will overheat. With a large volume of shredding, the motors will overheat and cause the unit to shut off. Time then must be set aside to let the shredder cool off before usage again.

The Shredlogix Solution

At Shredlogix our Work-from-Home shredding solutions will ensure all sensitive material will not only be confidently shredded, but the material will be recycled. Your employees will spend minimal time confirming the confidential material is properly destroyed because the methodology to our solutions have been proven time and time again for our Fortune 500 clientele. Properly shredding and recycling confidential material is our expertise and we will go above and beyond to make sure you are taken care of. Give us a call today for more information.