Ongoing Shredding Services From Shredlogix Are The Most Effective Shredding Solution

Document shredding in and of itself is a highly effective way to secure and protect your sensitive data. Professional shredding services are one important factor; they are capable of destroying and handling sensitive documents in ways that can protect the contents of your documents; unparalleled by any office shredder. However there is another important factor to effective document and media shredding; consistency.

Ensuring that documents consistently end up in the shredder is vital to ensuring that your data security is sustained. As soon as documents start landing in the recycling bin in tact, they become security vulnerabilities. Ongoing shredding services are an easy and effective way to ensure that documents never have the chance to make it to the recycling bin in tact.

Benefits of a Shredding Schedule

There are two primary benefits of your shredding program on a regular schedule.  First, you will not have to constantly monitor the volume of your confidential material before you call us.  Once we determine the correct frequency based on your previous volume, we will arrive and shred your material as your containers are reaching capacity.  This ensures you have the best value for your dollar.

Second, our goal is to limit the security exposure with having your confidential material at your location, unshredded.  By having a regularly scheduled frequency, you are greatly reducing the security risk of the confidential documents getting into the wrong hands. We recommend a frequency of weekly, bi-weekly, or every four weeks.  Finally, our schedule is very flexible, if the shredding volume changes at your company for any reason, we can easily change the frequency to adapt.


Shredlogix Makes Ongoing Shredding Services Easy

At Shredlogix, it’s a very smooth and seamless process to set up your regularly scheduled document shredding program. If your business produces confidential documents on an ongoing basis, our Regularly Scheduled Shredding Service is for you. Shredlogix’ ongoing scheduled service is perfect for businesses and organizations which have a consistent need to destroy their confidential records, or who demand the ultimate in security. Our regularly scheduled service is available in San Jose, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Oakland, Fremont, Santa Rosa, Napa, and all the cities in between.


Creating A Solution To Fulfill Your Unique Needs

Whether you are a small business or a global enterprise, we will determine your needs so we can tailor an ongoing regularly scheduled shredding program that not only meets your organizations needs, but exceeds them.  We will analyze your current frequency and the number of shredding containers at your business and recommend changes to optimize your account so you have the most value for our service. We can then provide you with a quote for your ongoing regularly scheduled service.


Services That Are Transparent & Affordable

At Shredlogix our cost to you is 100% transparent.  Our secure shredding container is provided to you free of charge.  We simply charge you for our shredding service when we service your location and shred your documents.  You will never be charged a fuel surcharge or administration fee. The cost of your regularly scheduled shredding service is determined on the frequency and the number of containers at your business.  We will be glad to provide you with a detailed, written quotation.


Keeping You in Compliance & Secured is Our Goal

There are numerous federal, state, and local privacy laws which require companies to protect the confidential information of not only their employees, but their customers as well.  Fines can reach in the millions of dollars for violations of these laws.

The sure way to do this is to utilize a AAA NAID Certified shredding company such as Shredlogix. NAID is the consumer protection organization that audits the qualifications of information destruction service providers around the world.  The AAA NAID Certification is awarded to companies which pass a rigorous audit to ensure all NAID policies and procedures are followed.


Start Securing Your Data Today With Ongoing Shredding Services

Feel confident your information will be properly destroyed by the industry experts at Shredlogix. Give us a call today to get your program started.