Document Scanning to the Cloud

In a post COVID work environment, businesses have been forced to transition to a work force which is working remotely.  In these remote work environments, employees need access to documents which are physically stored at their traditional office.  Transferring these documents to the cloud not only helps save space, but also helps maintain productivity in these uncertain times.  Having your employees able to access documents stored on the cloud is more and more becoming a normal operating procedure.  Shredlogix can rapidly transforms your office to a paperless, computerized organization preserving profitable time and space. With 25 years of industry experience, we significantly decrease storage costs, boost workflow productivity, and give you tutelage to utilize and preserve your new system.

Management of Content

To organize your content, Shredlogix offers a few services to select from, from shredding and scanning to complicated information migrations.

Document Scanning

With the press of your finger, you’ve found that record that has been hidden in your storage for five years. No more hunting through storage units, record cabinets, or paying expensive storage companies to call up boxes of old content. Even better is that you found that file your CTO was seeking for safely on your phone during your ride home from work on the light rail.

Digitize your paper records with Shredlogix’s trained group of qualified professionals.  Digitizing documents with in house staff is not the optimal utilization of your human capital.  This method opens up the exposure to errors not to mention the amount of additional time it would take.

Our group of professional scanners are particularly proficient and are experts in optimizing paper documents into a digital environment. All our technicians are HIPAA certified and background checked, our team is proficient in processing content with the strictest government regulations.

Our capabilities go well past basically hitting a button on a scanner.

Our scanners can:

  • Prep content for scanning
  • Rank and optimize your records based on your new work processes.
  • Only store one version of your content by using our de-duplication process.
  • Harness an agreed-upon naming method to increase accuracy.
  • Convert your information to a searchable format
  • Complete your work in an amazingly brief time so that your business can begin functioning at peak productivity now!

Digital Merger

Up to 20 percent of the time office administration are seeking documents. Usually three percent of files get misplaced.  It costs a company up to $120 in labor to locate one misfiled document, and $220 to reproduce a missing document.

Content sprawl is one of the foremost common challenges we see. Most businesses have records kept in paper form in several locations, in digital form saved to various systems (i.e. CRM Solutions, Dropbox, Shared Drives, Email) This shouldn’t happen but obsolete versions of documents are being used. Records get misplaced and decay. You are losing possibly vital content and productivity if you’ve got more than one location where your content is stored,

Shredlogix can assist you in combining your content including physical paper into a single, easy to utilize framework. We will increase your team’s productivity and add hours back to their work week by removing your current document costs.