Marin County Document Shredding

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A Convenient Way to Shred Your Papers as Soon as Tomorrow

We make every aspect of ordering our service easy. You can get a quote and set up your service date for as soon as tomorrow with one call. We service the shredding needs of businesses and residents of Marin County, California.

We’d Love To Talk To You About Shredding, Give Us A Call

We offer expedited document destruction appointments. Speak to one of our friendly human professionals and not a machine by just giving us a call. They will explain our One-Time and Ongoing Service and answer all your questions to help you find the right option for you. When you find the right option for you, we can get your appointment on the calendar for as soon as tomorrow.

Get It Done With On-Site Shredding

Our mission is to make the document shredding process easy for our customers. You can easily identify our technicians when they arrive at your location as they will be wearing our company uniforms with corporate photo identification. We’ll take care of the rest. Just tell our technician which documents need to be destroyed. Your documents will then be placed into our security bins. The bins will be locked and then taken to our awaiting truck. At the truck the bins are lifted and your documents are emptied into our industrial mobile shredder where they are then destroyed. You can even watch all your papers destroyed via a CCTV monitor on our truck. So you will know without a doubt your papers are destroyed before we drive off.

Our Business Shredding Service Is Based On Your Company Needs

One-Time or Purge Service – Not sure how often you will need to destroy your files? Our One-Time or Purge Service was created for you. Simply call us as needed for a shredding appointment.

Ongoing or Scheduled Shredding – Do you throw away a lot of documents every day? Our Ongoing or Scheduled Shredding was created for you. Let us take the weight off your shoulders and let’s make it easy for you with our ongoing service. This service comes with our locked container that we place throughout your office, making it convenient for you and your staff to dispose of your documents. On a regular schedule of your choice, either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, we will be by your office to collect the deposited documents, take them to our truck waiting outside your office and shred them. Custom schedules are also available

Hard Drive Shredding

In this day and age, data is transferring from paper to hard drives and it is equally important that your data contained on these digital storage devices are shredded and recycled. Let the experts at Shredlogix shred your hard drives onsite on our mobile shredder. Whether it is 2 hard drives or 2000, the team at Shredlogix can shred them up!

Marin, CA Residential Shredding

Protect your private information by using our Residential Shredding Service to destroy your papers. Here’s how it works, we come to your home with one of our high-tech shredding trucks. We take your papers to our industrial shredder located inside our truck and the shredder destroys all your papers. You can also watch your documents as they are being shredded from our CCTV screen located on the side of the truck. Our Residential Shredding Service that comes right to your house or apartment is available to you five days a week.

Shred Everything. Identity Theft Is At An All Time High.

These days, our information can be found on any document. So to be safe, shred everything and save yourself time from sorting through your papers and have peace of mind that your information will not end up in the hands of an identity thief.

Let Shredlogix help you with your shredding project. Give us a call today