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Peace of mind that comes with knowing your documents have been securely destroyed, convenient scheduling with honest pricing. That is what you’ll get when you call Shredlogix at your Gilroy, CA location. We are a 5-Star rated company.

Making an Appointment is Not Stressful but Easy

We’re ready to help whether you have a small or large number of documents that need shredding. We have a one-time option for that periodic need and we also have an ongoing service. It all depends on your needs. Just give us a call to get started. You will be greeted by a friendly, helpful and professional human, not a machine. They will answer any of your questions and explain everything to you. They can assist you in choosing a service and also provide you with a quote. Next, you decide what day you would like us to be at your location.

We Come to Your Home or Office to do the Shredding

Are you a business owner with piles of paperwork or are you a homeowner with stacks of personal documents or are you working remotely at your home office? No matter your circumstance, we come to your location with our trucks equipped with top of the line and the latest technology to destroy your documents right there at your office or home; which means you don’t have to lift any boxes or move any papers. Upon arrival, we will place your confidential papers into one of our bins. We then lock the bin and move it to our truck waiting right outside your office or home. Our automated system will then lift the bin and empty it into the shredder. Our trucks are equipped with a screen on the side, so that you can watch your papers go through the blades as they are being destroyed. Which means you can be at peace knowing that they have been securely destroyed.

We Have Options for When You Need Document Destruction Service

One-time or Purge Service – We offer accommodating services including our One-Time or Purge Service. The one-time option gives you the flexibility to order our onsite service anytime you need to destroy personal, private and business records. Just give us a call when you are ready to free up space in your office and home.

Scheduled or Ongoing Shredding – Stay legally compliant with the various privacy laws by using our document shredding program. When you decide to use our system, we provide secure bins that we place throughout your office or facility to dispose of all papers and records to prevent them from ending up in the trash. Because if your papers are being thrown in the regular trash, you’re giving the identity thieves a chance to steal your customer’s information. Thus, making you non-compliant with the various privacy laws.  Depending on what schedule you choose, our friendly professionals will be there on either a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly timetable to empty the bins and shred the contents. All the shredding is done before we leave your premises.

Hard Drive Shredding

In this day and age, data is transferring from paper to hard drives and it is equally important that your data contained on these digital storage devices are shredded and recycled.  Let the experts at Shredlogix shred your hard drives onsite on our mobile shredder.  Whether it is 5 hard drives or 5000, the team at Shredlogix can shred them up!

Residents of Gilroy, We Provide Secure Shredding

Have piles of papers taking up room in your home? Let our residential shredding service take care of the work of moving them and securely destroying them for you. Don’t lift another finger. Our caring professionals will come to your home and put your documents in a secure bin then move them to our truck which is parked outside your home. You can then watch your documents get shredded from a screen attached to the side of the truck. We do all the shredding at your home before we leave.

You Can Trust Our Team!

Our caring professionals have been completely vetted and are highly competent individuals. So you can trust the people you turn your private papers over to.

  • Drug Screened & Background Checked
  • Privacy Protection Trained
  • Practice Strict Collection & Shredding Methods
  • Signed Confidentiality Agreements
  • Fully Trained and Bonded
  • Experienced, Helpful and Friendly
  • Easily identified by their uniform and picture ID.

It’s A Good Idea To Shred Your Documents

Hurling your private papers in the trash could land them in the hands of the wrong people. Therefore, your private information can quickly become a disaster for you. Using a shredding service such as Shredlogix can eliminate the worry and work of what to do with your papers and who to use. We ensure your documents are destroyed completely and cannot be redeemed. And since we recycle, you will also be doing a service for the environment.
Give us a call when you are ready to shred to set up a time that is convenient for you.