Customer Testimonials

Courteous. Efficient. Professional. I needed some hard drives destroyed, For a flat fee of $100 Shredlogix will shred up to 10 drives onsite. Pedro arrived on time and shredded the 5 I had. He also at no extra charge shredded a box of papers I needed destroyed… All the time with a courteous and pleasant manner. Believe it or not it was like having a visit from a friend. I would use Shredlogix again in a minute for my shredding needs. Nice to know businesses like this still exist.

Karne N.

When our former shredding company sold out to a large, national company, we go stuck with the usual big company run-around… not being able to reach someone who could help, inappropriate invoicing, etc.. We switched to Shredlogix and we are SO HAPPY!! Their service is fantastic, their billing process is straight-forward, the people there are great to work with, and everything is to our satisfaction. Thank you Shredlogix!

Pete Bucter

Been working with them for over a year, great service, no interruption of daily business. Just in and out with a nice smile & a quiet “Hello”. They do all their own shredding right on our premises. If asked they can even do hard drives, when I asked him if they did them, he just looked at me & said “EveryDay”. I like them & you will like them even more.

Mike Prevot

Our office has been using Shredlogix for our confidential paper destruction for over a year. Their staff is discrete and easy to work with, and I have full confidence that our sensitive information is being disposed of without me having a burn up another office shredder. And their prices beat the competitors easily. So glad we started using them. Makes my life as a small business owner a lot easier!

Krista Regedanz

Shredlogix is the best! Our company was stuck in a contract with a well-known shredding vendor for years. Making the switch to Shredlogix has saved us a ton of money, we’re now serviced on the day/time we expect them and no more service or billing issues. Highly, highly recommended.

David West

We had about 30 boxes of files to be shred. From the first contact with Shredlogix, to today’s pick up… it was seamless. Everyone I had contact with was friendly and professional. It was also very economical compared to other places I looked into. We will use them again and highly recommend them.

Karen Weintrob