Document Shredding in Santa Clara

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Mobile Shredding Truck

Regular Document Shredding

In choosing an on-going shredding service with Shredlogix, you can rest assured that our team will provide timely and efficient service with every visit to your location. Our shred technicians are extremely qualified individuals who undergo thorough training in privacy protection and are mandated to practice specific collection and shredding methods that ultimately maintain your confidentiality. We’ll service your shredding needs on a predetermined date and time to best accommodate your busy schedule. Interested in weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly shredding? We will happily do it all; we tailor a collection program to reflect your requested preferences. 

No need to worry about how you’ll separate your documents for shredding from those that are being stored; when you sign up for a regular shredding program, we’ll supply your Santa Clara business with lockable collection bins at no extra fee to you. We have styles and shapes to suit all space limitations and unique personal tastes, so if you’re looking for something sleek that will blend into your office décor or prefer a larger collection container for a higher volume of files, select from three great container options.

If your business collects large volumes of documents on a regular routine, or if you are preparing for an office move and need to carry out a massive clean-out, Shredlogix has you covered in any circumstance. Clients can choose from both a one-time purge service for immediate shredding, or ongoing shredding for paperwork that continuously piles up with each month. 

Why Choose Shredlogix for Your Document Shredding Needs?

  • Higher Security Levels
  • Our process Ensures Your Compliance
  • Service is Efficient and Reliable 
  • Flexible Options Including One-time or On-going Shredding
  • High-Tech Shred Trucks that Shred Documents and Hard drives in Under a Minute

On-Site Shredding for Fast and Convenient Service

Santa Clara Customers Can Expect:

  • Free lockable bins and containers built to maintain confidentiality over your documents before shredding begins. Containers are lockable and completely tamper-free. 
  • Experienced shredding specialists at your door, who are drug-tested, and security checked for your well being and safety.
  • Service right at your location! Unlike Off-site shredding, our On-site shredding takes place directly on your premises which means no lugging files to an alternative location, and no interruption in your workday. 
  • Shred technology that ensures information is 100% irrecoverable! We shred your unwanted files using our commercial grade shred trucks.
  • A Certificate of Destruction presented following every service for peace of mind and future reference.
  • A company dedicated to implementing sustainable practices that reduce our carbon footprint.

All leftover paper particles are collected and recycled locally 

Additional Services Provided to Customers in Santa Clara

  • Media Destruction services for Electronic Data, Including Hard Drives
  • Community Shred Events
  • Residential Document Shredding

Unmatched Customer Service

We are grateful to have Santa Clara customers who trust us and repeatedly use our services to improve their document security and management. Having experienced firsthand unsatisfied and disappointed customers whose service was missed or changed without warning; we work each day to bring our customers exceptional service as providing an unmatched experience for our customers is our biggest focus.

How do we offer our clients the highest level of customer service? We promise you that: 

  • Your phone calls and inquiries will be answered in a timely manner
  • Your service will be professional and efficient
  • Our pricing will always be 100% transparent