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Are your documents safe and secure? Do you have a secure way of disposing of them? How many times have you accidentally thrown away documents in the trash? How much paperwork do you have lying around in your home and business? You have intellectual property, personal records, credit card statements, financial information, and receipts that you would never hand over to anyone, so why would you throw them in the regular trash where anyone could have access to them? This is where a professional mobile shredding service comes in handy. We can save you time, work, and headache by simply coming to your business or home and shred all of your documents that are no longer needed. Shredlogix is Santa Rosa’s choice for paper shredding services. It’s time to give us a call.

Santa Rosa Mobile Shredding Services

We’d like to think that it is our excellent reputation of going above and beyond to secure your information from getting into the wrong hands that many Santa Rosa residents and businesses choose Shredlogix for their mobile shredding services. In addition, we take many precautions in handling your documents during the destruction process.

Shredlogix’s Document Shredding Precautions

We don’t trust just anyone to represent Shredlogix. Therefore, the first precaution we take is to choose the right shredding technician. Our technicians undergo rigorous background checks and drug tests. And they’ve all signed binding and secure confidentiality agreements designed to protect you. As proof that they’ve passed the training and tests needed to securely destroy your information, they are then handed the coveted uniform and ID.

The second precaution we take is we work only with the best equipment. We’ve outfitted our fleet with the most advanced technology in the shredding services industry. The trucks can handle up to 6000 pounds of paper per hour, which allows us to service any size business, from the small home business to the Fortune 500.

When it is time to shred your documents, they are placed into our shredding bins which hold approximately 300 pounds of documents. The bins are locked and never left unattended. The bins are then moved to the shredding truck waiting outside your office or home. It is then emptied directly into the shredder where your documents are shredded completely. And you are able to watch your documents being shredded on a monitor attached to the side of the truck.

Onsite paper shredding with Shredlogix is the most secure and complete shredding option available in the Santa Rosa area.

The Santa Rosa Residential Shredding Experts

With identity theft statistics increasing year after year, individuals still make the mistake of putting personal documents in the garbage or recycle bin. The number one cause of identity theft has consistently been from documents being disposed of in the garbage or recycle bin. There is a way to prevent this from happening when you use our residential shredding service. We arrive at your house or apartment with one of our industrial shredding trucks and all of your private files will be destroyed there and you will be able to see it as it is happening. Our service that comes right to your Santa Rome home is available Monday through Friday.

Professional On-Site Shredding Options for Santa Rosa Businesses

One-Time Shredding- Our On-Demand shredding service gives your company the ability to order document shredding services only when you need it. It gives businesses the option to call us just once or occasionally. It is entirely up to you. Call our office to speak to our friendly customer service rep anytime you need to destroy any confidential business records and we will be happy to come to your office and take care of it your you. We look forward to the next time you need us.

Scheduled Shredding- Confidential information regarding your company and your clientele are located on numerous different types of documents and correspondence you use and dispose of everyday. Throwing them in the trash or recycle bin could cause a data breach and be considered a privacy law violation. Our scheduled document shredding service takes the worry out of being out of compliance and also does not burden down the business. We will provide your firm with our locked security containers that stay in your office so all confidential documents can be properly discarded. We will provide enough containers so they can be placed in locations which are easily accessible to your entire staff. We will then come to your office on a recurring schedule to empty and shred all the documents from each container. Your frequency options can be weekly, bi-weekly, and every four weeks. We will customize your frequency to match the volume you produce to ensure you are always getting a great value for our service.

Hard Drive Shredding in Santa Rosa

Shredlogix’s powerful hard drive destruction equipment is designed to destroy your hard drives so that the information on them can never be accessed or recovered again. Only the physical destruction will guarantee that your digital information is permanently destroyed. Our commercial shredders cut your hard drives into many small fragments that make it impossible to retrieve the information every again. The process completely destroys the entire hard drive. If you have a solid-state drive the shredding process will completely destroy the hard drive so the flash controller and the memory chips will also be destroyed and the data can never be accessed again.

Recognized Shredding Excellence

Shredlogix was awarded the highest possible certification for a company in the document destruction industry; the AAA Certification by the National Association of Information Destruction, or NAID. Shredlogix received this certification because we exceeded the association’s strict standards. The certification is just one proof we value our clients and their needs.

Shredlogix’s professional shredding experts are ready to speak to you regarding your document shredding project and any concerns you may have. Call us for a quote based on the volume of your project at (707) 867-0829.