At Shredlogix, we are committed to:

→ Your Privacy and Security
We know how important privacy is to your business and to your customers. That’s why our document shredding and hard drive destruction processes follow a secure chain of custody, why we operate with total transparency and why we provide our customers with detailed reporting. We are AAA NAID Certified for on-site document and hard-drive destruction, this certification ensures we handle your sensitive information with the strictest of guidelines.

→ The Health of Our Planet:
Not only do we safely and effectively shred your physical and digital fingerprints in order to protect your privacy, we take the waste that is produced and recycle as much of it as we can. Our commitment to recycling helps keeps thousands of tons of paper and metal waste out of landfills.

→ Providing Our Customers With Unparalleled Customer Service
As a team, we have been in the confidential document destruction industry for more than 25 years. Having experienced firsthand frustrated and disappointed customers whose service was missed or changed without warning, we work each day to bring our customers stellar service as providing an exceptional customer experience is at our core.

We are committed to providing our clients with excellent customer service. That is why we can promise you that:

  • Your phone calls and inquiries will be answered promptly
  • Your service will be efficient and on-time
  • Our pricing will be 100% transparent

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