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As a locally-owned shredding company, we at Shredlogix welcome you. Our services include onsite secure document shredding for businesses and residential customers. Our services include the destruction of confidential records done in a secured, quick and efficient manner with a choice of a one-time service or on an ongoing scheduled basis.

Your Appointment Is a Phone Call Away. It’s That Easy.

Our professional team will answer any questions you may have and assist you in choosing a service that fits your needs, provide you with a quote upfront before you make your decision, and schedule your appointment for a date and time convenient for you. We know how busy you are so we’ve made it easy for you by making our next day service available Monday to Friday.

Oakland On-site Shredding

Shredlogix’s professionally trained technician will come to your business and home in a well-equipped paper shredding truck, place your documents into a bin, seal the bin so your information is always protected. The locked bin is then moved to our camera-equipped truck, emptied into our industrial shredder where your documents are destroyed completely before our truck leaves your premises. To remove any doubt and give you additional peace of mind, you can watch your documents being destroyed as all of our destruction trucks are equipped with camera systems and a screen on the side of the trucks. Having your documents shredded at your Oakland location is the most secure shredding option there is.

Shredding Options for Companies

One-Time Shredding

Our one-time service is available to you anytime you want your files destroyed. When you no longer need to retain corporate files, give us a call anytime this need arises. Whether you need us one time, two times or more, no problem. The one-time shredding option was created for the company that doesn’t need an on-going service.

Scheduled Shredding

Corporate espionage and identity theft are growing so if you are worried, it is with good reason. Shredlogix’s on-going paper destruction service will eliminate your worries as we provide you with locked bins and consoles, a secure place to discard your files. To totally eliminate your worries, we provide these locked bins free of charge to be placed throughout your office where it is convenient. This will save your staff time. All they have to do is deposit the papers into the conveniently located bin. Depending on your needs, our services include daily visits, monthly visits, and anything in between where we come to your office, empty the bins and shred the contents of each bin.

Hard Drive Shredding

In this day and age, data is transferring from paper to hard drives and it is equally important that your data contained on these digital storage devices are shredded and recycled. Let the experts at Shredlogix shred your hard drives onsite on our mobile shredder. Whether it is 5 hard drives or 5000, the team at Shredlogix and shred them up!

Shredlogix and Residential Shredding

You have medical records, old tax returns, pay stubs, bank’s monthly statements that you have finally decided to toss. You don’t want these records to end up in the hands of an identity thief. To avoid that, Shredlogix has an onsite shredding service for the residents of Oakland where our paper shredding trucks will come to your home at a date of your choice and shred your documents while you watch.
Appointments can be made Monday through Friday for the most convenient and secure way to destroy your private files.

Small Jobs are Just as Important as the Big Jobs. We Shred Them All.
Don’t hesitate to call us if you only have one box of personal files to eliminate. The size of the job doesn’t matter. Our level of service and professionalism remains the same for every customer and every job.

Why Choose Shredlogix Services?

We are locally owned
We are in the Oakland area for service multiple days during the week
We come to your location
Background checked, drug tested, trained, helpful staff
No hidden costs, straightforward pricing
Fleet of advanced paper shredding trucks
You direct, we do the work

Go Green! Help the Environment by Shredding

All the paper that goes through our destruction trucks are recycled to make other paper products. They are not sent to a landfill. Seventeen trees are saved with every ton of paper we shred.

Our industrial paper shredding trucks can shred 6,000 pounds of paper per hour. This will save you hours and even days if you use an in-office or home shredder. Shredlogix will make it easy for your move to a new office or home, a room full of old files that need to be purged, whether you need regular shredding, annual or one-time purging of records, we offer all these services. We are a telephone call away. Your document shredding needs is our priority. We look forward to serving you.

Contact us today at (510) 592-8100 or (866) 996-5501 or email us at info@shredlogixinc.net.