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Call Us Today to Schedule Your Windsor Shredding Appointment

For Windsor, California residents, when you’re ready to shred private records we are ready to take care of it for you at your location. Our services are available when you are ready. Call us today to make your appointment.

Schedule Your Shredding Appointment

Save yourself time and labor as we come to destroy your private documents at your location. Give us a call to get a quote and book your appointment. When you call, our team of caring professionals will explain our one-time and ongoing service options and provide you with a very affordable quote. Then just tell us what day you would like us there and we will get you on the calendar. Our services are available Monday through Friday.

For Convenience and Security, Choose On-Site Document Destruction

Have security and peace of mind knowing your bills, receipts, sales letters, quotes, drafts, contracts, pay stubs, and bank statements can be shredded at your Windsor, California location. We will bring our high-tech industrial shredders to your residence, office, or any location you store your files with to shred your records.

Your papers go from your site directly to our truck in a sealed bin and are destroyed right away. You will also be able to witness the entire process from a viewing screen on the side of our truck.

One-Time Business Shredding

Have the freedom to book one or more of this service. There is no required number of bookings you have to make. That’s one of the beauties of this service.

You can shred tomorrow, next week, next month or whenever you want to with our one-time service. We can come once or as often as you need us.

Ongoing Scheduled Document Destruction for Businesses

To comply with regulations, companies are required to dispose of records in a secure fashion. That is where our scheduled service comes in. We outfit your office with our security containers to dispose of all papers and stored until your service date where we come and remove and shred the records. Your service schedule can be daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Residential Shredding in Windsor, CA

Protect your personal information on documents with our residential shredding service. Take advantage of the convenience it provides and save time with this service. We send one of our commercial shredders to your home to destroy your documents. We do all the moving of papers for you. And you can watch the shredder shred from a view screen on the side of our truck. Give us a call anytime you want to reduce private files like tax records, pay stubs, bills, medical records or any documents with your information on them. We are available multiple days during the week.

Why Shredlogix?

We are perhaps the only company in California that focuses on the document shredding needs of each individual customer. We are experienced professionals that answer your calls from Monday to Friday and offer next day paper shredding when available. We are the partner that helps you protect your data and that of those you do business with. Our promise to you is simple and easy to keep:

  • We’ll give you accurate quotes with no surprise fees.
  • All shredding is performed at your Windsor, California location.
  • We’ll come to you whenever you need us. It could be as soon as tomorrow.
  • We’ll send helpful and reliable professionals to your door, dressed in uniforms and with picture IDs, so you can trust who is handling your private and confidential information.
  • We’ll do all the work fast and efficiently, as soon as you show us what documents need to be shredded.
  • You supervise the shredding process from beginning to end, every step of the way, until there’s no trace left of your papers.
  • We’ll recycle the paper we shred and help you save 17 trees for each ton of paper we shred.

Book your shredding service and we will show you why we are the best document shredding service in Windsor, California. Call us now.