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Take advantage of our 5 Star Rated, on-site document destruction service that is available five days a week. We come to your Walnut Creek, California residence or business and shred them there for you. To make an appointment just give us a call today.

Making Your Paper Shredding Appointment Is Effortless

Bringing peace of mind to our clients and making their work simple is our mission at Shredlogix. We fulfill that by dispensing punctual and convenient mobile shredding services when they want it. Our clients will call us when they determine that they need to shred the documents they no longer need. During the call, you can choose between our one-time and ongoing services after our caring professional team member explains the two options. Our team member will then create a quote based on your needs and set your appointment for the desired day of your choosing.

With Document Destruction You Can Protect Your Business

Purge or One-Time Service – This service is available when you are available and ready to shred. If you only need to shred once a year, this service is great for you. You are at the helm with our one-time service. You can order document destruction services when and how often you want it done.

Ongoing Scheduled Shredding– This service will take the worry away from you and you can check this off your to do list. With our scheduled service, we come to your office on a regular basis either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to shred your documents. This service comes with locked bins which we place in your office for the disposal of all your discarded papers. We arrive as scheduled to your location with our industrial high-tech shredders to do the shredding for you.

Residential Shredding in Walnut Creek, CA

Our residential shredding service is a great way to protect your personal information. In addition, we can make your home clutter free and you work free and save you time by bringing one of our industrial shredders to destroy all your old papers. And you can watch your papers being shredded which adds peace of mind knowing your papers are destroyed and will not end up in the wrong hands.

Hard Drive Destruction

The hard drives on your old computers have stored information and can get you in trouble if they are not physically destroyed. So if you have old computers that you have not used for a period of time, we can come to your location to destroy the hard drives. You’ll be comforted knowing the information can never be accessed again.

Shred Everything

Majority of our clients have decided to save time and work by shredding everything instead of doing the tedious work of trying to sort which documents need shredding and which ones are safe to dispose of. Instead of worrying about the possibility of having their sensitive information end up in the regular trash bin, and therefore end up in the wrong hands, they decide to have peace of mind instead and shred all documents.

Put an end to worrying, wasting time and resources! Get the answers and the shredding services you need by giving us a call now!