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Shredlogix is the service that comes to your residence and business. We can come to your home or business Monday through Friday, whichever day is best for you and suits your needs.

Set Your Document Destruction Appointment Today

Get a quote and an explanation of our services right over the phone. Give us a call and speak to one of our caring professionals. They will explain our different services and give you a quote for the service you choose. Then book your appointment. We service our customers five days a week.

On-Site Shredding is the Better Choice

We come to your home or business location to destroy your private papers with one of our high-tech industrial paper destruction trucks. They are equipped with industrial-grade shredders that tear through 3 tons of documents per hour. Our mobile units have a viewing station on the side so you can see your documents being shredded as it is happening.

Destruction of Business Records

One-Time or Purge Service – Think of our one-time option as something you use only when you need it. Destroy company files only when you want to or need to.

It’s great for anytime you want to get rid of old records in your office or storage or for an annual file purge. Ready for a purge? We’re ready.

Scheduled Shredding- Stay compliant with privacy laws by getting a secure document disposal program. Our scheduled service is an ongoing way for a business to protect information and be compliant. In addition, we supply bins and consoles to deposit all discarded documents. We then come to your office on a consistent schedule of your choice to destroy the contents of the bins and consoles.

Choose from a daily schedule, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. And we will work with you to determine how often you need our service.

Residential Document Destruction

Let our industrial shredder do all the shredding for you and watch from a screen on the side of our truck as your papers go through the shredder. We’ll come to your apartment or house with one of our industrial shredders and destroy all those old personal files that have been taking up space in your file cabinets and home.

Hard Drive Shredding

As more and more data are being stored on digital storage devices such as hard drives, it is crucial that your data which is stored on these devices are shredded and recycled. Let the experts at Shredlogix shred your hard drives onsite on our mobile shredder. Whether it is 8 hard drives or 8,000, the team at Shredlogix will shred them up!

Why Shredding Your Documents Is The Smart Thing To Do

Across the country, thousands of documents with sensitive information end up in the regular trash. This is dangerous as the private documents could very well end up in the hands of identity thieves. Shredding documents is a beneficial practice, not only for businesses and their clients but also for the individual residents and the environment. Here are three of the benefits you will enjoy if you choose to shred the documents you no longer need at your place of business.

  1. No more worrying about personal, business or customer information getting into the wrong hands. And your customers and business partners will know you have their best interests at heart.
  2. Save time and increase productivity by not having to sort through documents to see if it’s safe to throw them away or destroy them.
  3. You will save trees and improve air quality, as the shredded paper will be recycled. That should get you some acknowledgment from customers and businesses who value and care about our planet.

Should You Choose Shredlogix?

We value your time and we realize how important information security and privacy are to you. That is why we come to you instead of asking you to come to us. If coming to you means getting stuck in Richmond traffic and finding a way around it, that’s what we’ll do. We are a professional mobile shredding service provider.

Your papers will be shredded in your presence or in the presence of your employees and it only takes minutes. So you can trust Shredlogix Services with the documents you want to shred, You or your employees can supervise the loading and shredding of the documents, but you won’t have to lift a finger.

Our team will come to your residence or office once you call us and schedule the shredding. You can easily identify our technicians by their uniform and picture badge. Sit back, relax or use that free time to work on your most important task of the day. Show them where you keep the papers you want shredded and they will do the rest. They will load the documents in bins that can hold up to 300 pounds of paper, seal the bins, and move the bin to the paper shredding truck.

Our high tech destruction truck has an automatic system that allows it to lift and empty the shredding bins without further involvement. Supervise the shredding in real time through a camera and a screen located on the side of the truck. The shredder can shred up to 6,000 pounds per hour. No heavy lifting and carrying. You’ll feel peace knowing that no one could have access to your documents, and there’s no waiting because your documents are shredded right away!

Flexibility is our middle name. Since businesses and residents have varying needs, working with a flexible shredding service is important. We’ll be there whether you need our services occasionally or regularly. In between the scheduled services, you can call us. You can schedule weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly shredding sessions. We keep it simple. We shred when you call. So call Shredlogix now!