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Morgan Hill, California Next-Day Document Destruction

Appreciate the security of having your private papers destroyed at your Morgan Hill place five days a week. Call us today to set an appointment for Shredlogix to come to your home or office as soon as tomorrow.

Call Us To Set A Shredding Appointment and Get A Quote

Give us a call for your shredding needs in Morgan Hill, CA. Our caring experts will assist you in choosing the right shredding service for you and provide you with a quote. We believe in:

  • Simple and honest pricing.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Excellent Customer Service

Choose between our one-time purge and our on-going service. We operate Monday to Friday. Make your appointment while you’re on the phone with us.

We Do All The Shredding At Your Location

One of the perks of our mobile service is you can witness your private documents being shredded via a viewing monitor located on the side of our truck. This will give you the assurance and peace of mind knowing your documents are securely destroyed.
With our mobile service, we come to your Morgan Hill location with a secure bin, load your papers into the bin and then we take the bin to our truck waiting outside your location, and empty it into our powerful industrial shredder where they are destroyed immediately.

Protect Your Business’s Information By Using Document Destruction

One-time Purge Service – Our corporate clients relish in the freedom of ordering shredding services only when they need it. This service option is for you if you have one box of documents or you only need shredding occasionally. Purge files only when you decide to have it done.

Ongoing Scheduled Service – With our scheduled service, we offer a simple solution to the added burden of a whole host of regulations that make companies responsible for the secure disposal of documents. Your only job to prevent you from violating regulations is to dispose of all papers in the locked bins and consoles we provide. We do the rest by coming to your facility on a recurring schedule to remove the documents and destroy them. The on-going service is offered on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. However, if a custom schedule is what you need you can arrange that as well.

Residential Shredding in Morgan Hill, CA

With our residential shredding service, you don’t have to go anywhere or move any boxes of papers. We come to your home with our industrial paper destruction trucks. We then take your papers and put them in a locked bin which will then be transported to the truck and emptied into our industrial powerful shredder which will then be immediately shredded and destroyed. You can be at peace knowing your private information did not end up in the wrong hands.

Destruction of Hard Drives

Hard drive left in an unused old computer poses a threat if it ends up in the wrong hands. If you’re throwing your old computer away, remove the hard drive and use our hard drive destruction service to have it physically destroyed. We’ll come to your location to shred the hard drive. Whether its 7 hard drives or 7,000, we can get them shredded!

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